Friday, 3 April 2009

THE WAR ON ISLAM......why? PART1 myspace hi5 graphic glitter comments
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Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Iraqi girl witnessing the killing of both her parents before her eyes.

Have you noticed it or have you been living in a hole. Everywhere you go, the treatment of Muslims as second class citizens. At every authority welding institution; airports, schools, I don’t need to post links as the proofs are self evident. Just last month someone close to me was on their way back to UK and as they were getting comfortable in the plane, they were told that their travel document was not sufficient, what?! So why let someone in your country if you won’t let them out? So they took them in custody, yes jail where they had to pay bond, wait for a about month to get approval from the UK authority and when they finally had this, they had to pay for the ticket fare! There was the very great probability that they would be sacked for not being in work for almost a month! But luckily the boss was a fellow muslim and saw immediately what happened. Religious profiling.

So, who is targeted?

• Arabs: any arabs, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, you are a terrorist.

• Men having beards, a taj, turban, fez or doppa. There was the incident of Balbir Singh Sodhi the Sikh man murdered in an attack shortly after September 11.

Hijabis and I even have my own testimony to this. Every day, if looks could kill…I would be dead a billion times. I’m black and a hijabi, double trouble.
• People with Arab sounding names. I won’t even say Muslim names because an Arab name is sufficient for an ignoramus to conclude, terrorist. Funny enough you can now meet ‘Mo’, ‘Tuma’, and being ashamed of our beautiful Arabic names.
There is evidently concerted efforts to stamp on this religion and anything to do with it since the crusades. Today it has simply become so wide-spread and so in-your-face and so obvious that even a non Muslim can see it as a cause for concern. But Why?
Islam has become the scapegoat. One has to only see the false flag operations that have been purportedly linked to Muslims and the propaganda we call news that leaves a sheep to conclude that Islam is evil and Muslims are evil. It’s funny how we are branded all this and at the same time provoked (Gaza, Guantanamo Bay, Al-Ghraib and all the prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Danish cartoons) to such an extent of boiling rage and cannot do or say anything because it is anti-Semitic or hate speech or terror talk!

Okay, so once we see Islam is not the enemy, we can proceed. But if not, one has to go to my previous posts and links and apply logic.
So, why? Why tarnish the name of this religion, a religion which means peace, purity, submission and obedience. In the religious sense, Islam means submission to the will of God and obedience to His law. Here’s is the answer. The truth may shock you but if you are familiar with Islam you won’t be very surprised.

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