Saturday, 4 April 2009

peek article...HOLOHOAX (the series war on islam...why? shall continue on wednesday) PEACE!

Hitler, the mysterious persona. Genius, evil, wretched, cunning. One man can be blamed for the 'biggest' atrocities ever committed. It is very surprising how we are made to believe Jewish lives are more important. Palestinian, Rwandese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Congolese, Sudanese, Somali lives mean nothing. They are not holocausts, the world doesnt remember the other dead. Besides, Jews are the Chosen people. So it is very interesting to find that Hiltler was a Jew.

There have been questions about the most evil man ever to have been in power...It all seems like a terrible movie, doesn't it. The great villian through his charisma that bowls and stuns all his citizens over single handedly, with the exception of some assistance of few helping hands in his government managed to kill 6 billion, I repeat BILLION Jews. Strangely large and rebutted number by even the Red Cross. Have you ever wondered why no one cares of the other survivors since the holocaust was inflicted on homosexuals, feeble minded individuals and gypsies??? did only the Jews have the survival power?

To understand history you have to realise that what we have been told is "bunk"-Henry Ford. Investigation and logic is key to understanding anything. Twenty years from now, 9/11 will still be Al Qaeda's doing and Israel is always a victim. Iraq and Afghanistan were heroic victories. This time they'll all be in print to indoctrinate the next generation.
Ok. Who did the 'holocaust' benefit?
Jews. It speeded up the transfer of the Holy Land, General Attenby remarking that 'today the crusades are over'. Blinded by grief for the thousands who died, the world bowed to the Jewish demands. A RABBI testifies to this emphasizing that it is not anti semitic or hateful it is simply questioning and logic.
and here Jews against Zionism pose questions and videos.
Even the ask, WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN PROPERLY INVESTIGATED, WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Here Ernst Gauss 'dissects the holocaust'
More proof that Nazis never used diesel gas:
Holocaust Revisionist Robert Faurisson assaulted by Jews in 1989.And this is what happens to investigators: Robert Faurrison, assaulted by Jews in 1989, Holocaust revisionists.
Further, there is lack of physical evidence that it ever happened.

More shocking revealations over here:

I DECLARE THE HOLOCAUST A HOAX, the number was in the thousands and today the idea is so exaggerated to benefit the ones who planned it. Milk the cow why don't you. No greater power that guilt. So why is it illegal to deny it?

Another factor that ties in with the War on islam is that it consolidated a relationship beween two greatly opposing factions; Christianity and Judaism and through guilt brought them together, and that is why they call themselves Allied nations. Even when the latter abhors the former's 'god'. And now they have a single enemy. The latter knows that without the holocaust there would have been no apathy, sympathy or any tie between the two factions and that they (Jews) would be the sore thumb sticking out.

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