Friday, 3 April 2009

THE WAR ON ISLAM......why? Part 3

1. Economic threat

Oh how I wish there was really a free market. Ever read Shakespeare’s, Merchant of Venice? Well that sums it up completely. Back in the day when Europe was Christian and the law was Christian, money had value. There was no lending on interest. Usury was a means of enslavement. When the lender can rest and the money is making money, he’s reaping what is being sown by others, other’s sweat! Jesus entered the temple or synagogue (as he was a Jew, not a Christian, ha!) and saw the worshippers were being ripped off. Normal money wasn’t allowed in the temple, the temple had special money. But when there was an exchange, the lenders were not exchanging it equal to equal. They were having a profit! I am not a bible quoter but here goes (this is for the Christians)

Matthew[21:13] And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

Following this the Church has always outlawed usury. The Jews who changed their Torah which used to say Usury is unacceptable but now say that Usury is unacceptable between 2 Jews. Thus the gentiles were fair game. The Jews became the money lenders when Jesus (peace and blessings on him) was no longer on earth. So slowly Europe lost the war on Usury and became its centre.

This is a reason why they would never have a true shariah based country. It would automatically exclude it from their(Jewish bankers) control. By muslims being in the billions today, there is a great untapped source of riba money from insurance, morgages, loans and other illegal lending. By breaking Islam (ha) they would enslave the 1.5 billion or so muslims.
For more details Hadiths and Quran verses on this topic:

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