Thursday, 30 April 2009

spiriting it out

Sometimes it gets to me
It hits like a tidal wave
Only this time feels more like bricks than water
I do have faith and I try to keep it high,
But sometimes, I crash
Sometimes I really crash
There’s a limit of how much deception you can take to uncover
Before your spirit sinks in despair
How many times do I wish I lived a couple of hundred of years ago?
Somewhere peaceful and serene
I feel the clang of metal and the thump of falling trees around me
And I long for an escape
To escape all that is untrue
All that is unhuman
All that feeds the physical
All that keeps me further and further away from the highest of consciousnesses
No matter how rich, powerful or tyrannical a leader can be
That’s what they cannot touch in me
No matter how hard they want to stomp on me,
That’s where they cannot reach or see
My spirit, the ruh , the most sacred part in us
Is untouchable, unsubduable, it will do and feel as you feel it is to feel

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