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I just had to re-post this...SWINE FLU.


Okay so we're faced with a pandemic, most places its still summer. The worst fears are to be realised in the following months as winter approaches. Its now on the news almost everyday with more people being infected. Alhamdulillah they say its usually mild, but only Allah can protect us either-way. Again the fact of its origin is quickly forgotten. Where did it come from? Because it is pretty unusual...and suspicious that the media does not point the finger at anyone as if this is a minute detail. More suspicious is Obama buying stock of Tamilflu and other avian flu drugs in 2007.

And how this affects us Muslims is that the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam had warned of Gog and Magog and linked them to the abandonment of Hajj. And because of this epidemic, there are fears of exactly that.

I had to re-post this essay by Imran Hosein, may Allah reward him for his efforts. Inshallah.

Written by Imran Nazar Hosein
In a Caribbean island of Trinidad that is blessed with a plural society, and which celebrates that plurality with the democratic proclamation “here every creed and race finds an equal place”, we Muslims are grateful that we still have at least that much freedom that we can buy newspaper space to publish a Muslim viewpoint on an issue as critically important as ‘Swine-Flu epidemic’. That appears to be the only way now left for publication of an authentic Muslim viewpoint in the so-called ‘free world’s’ print media.

On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6 in response to the ongoing global spread of the influenza virus popularly known as ‘Swine Flu’. A Phase 6 designation indicates, according to WHO, that a global pandemic is underway. A pandemic occurs when a contagious viral disease infects people (and this may include animals) throughout an entire country or region, or even world-wide.
Prophet Muhammad Epidemics and the Anti-Christ

Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) gave precise instructions how to respond to epidemics and pandemics, and this essay reminds readers of those instructions. The Arabic word (al-Tā’ūn) which he used is more properly translated as epidemic/pestilence, and this would include plague.

The essay also directs attention to his prophecy linking epidemics/pandemics with Dajjāl the false Messiah or Anti-Christ. Readers should know that Islam recognizes Dajjāl the False Messiah to be a supremely evil being with a PhD in deception who seeks to impersonate the true Messiah (the son of Mary). As a consequence he is now establishing his evil rule over all of mankind with a universal political, economic and monetary dictatorship. He is also now quite close to achieving his final goal of ruling the world from Holy Jerusalem. It is only at that time when he publicly proclaims himself from Jerusalem to be the Messiah - and not a day before - that Jesus the true Messiah would return to dispatch him, as well as those who support his evil dictatorship, to the garbage bin of history.

The world witnessed an ominous example of the link between Dajjāl and epidemics during the anthrax attack that occurred one month after the 9/11 attack on America. It created conditions bordering on panic, and in the process advanced the strategic goals sought by those who planned and executed that 9/11 act of terrorism.
The ultimate goal of their biological and other forms of warfare is to realize a diabolically evil Pax Judaica in which the world would be ruled from Jerusalem. That Pax Judaica would represent the culmination of a three-stage messianic process that commenced with an evil Pax Britanica and was eventually replaced with the present evil Pax Americana.

Something went very wrong when embarrassing anthrax footprints were discovered. Those footprints were an embarrassment since they could not be presented to the world as Arab/Muslim. The discovery of those footprints led, seven years later, to the prime suspect, Dr. Bruce Ivins, a microbiologist/vaccinologist and senior biodefence researcher at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Maryland, allegedly committing suicide (perhaps the same kind of convenient suicide that British weapons inspector, Dr David Kelly is alleged to have committed). Those who recognize lies and deception would not be surprised on the day when the earth speaks (Qur’ān, al-Zilzāl, 99:4) to learn that they were assassinated in order to conceal further footprints. Dr Ivin’s so-called suicide occurred just when the FBI was about to file formal charges against him for alleged criminal connection to the 2001 anthrax attacks. As a consequence of the convenient so-called suicide the supporters of Dajjāl were spared a potentially very dangerous public trial.
Death from Epidemics and Martyrdom

The Prophet declared, as only a true Prophet could declare, that “death from epidemic is martyrdom for every Muslim” (Sahīh Bukhāri). A Muslim is here defined as anyone who has declared belief in the One God, i.e., the God of our father Abraham (‘alaihi al-Salām). That One God created both the male and the female, but is neither male nor female. Anyone who worships a man (or woman) or a God who appeared as a man (or woman), would be guilty of blasphemy and, unless he or she now repents, would pay a terrible price on Judgment Day for such blasphemy.

It was in consequence of that assurance of martyrdom for those who have faith in Allah Most High, that the Prophet could give an order that would today evoke the envy of governments: "If you hear of an epidemic outbreak in a land, do not enter it; but if it breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place" (Sahīh Bukhāri). It should be clear that obedience of the Prophet’s command would effectively quarantine the epidemic and eventually contain it and prevent its spread to other places.

If in the coming months the Swine Flu epidemic were to strike Laventille or Westmoorings in Trinidad for example, and residents were to die in significant numbers, no secular government could possibly prevent an exodus from the stricken area by those fleeing in panic to Cedros/Icacos and other such remote locations.

Muslims on the other hand, who obey the blessed Prophet, would be expected to set the example for others by remaining in the stricken area. They would also be expected to care for those affected by the epidemic (rather than scorn and ostracize them) knowing that by taking care of the stricken they may have the good fortune to die as martyrs. It is in this context that we can understand the Prophet’s declaration that epidemics were “punishment sent by Allah on whom He wished, and Allah made it a source of mercy for the believers, for if one in the time of an epidemic stays in his place patiently hoping for Allah's Reward and believing that nothing will befall him except what Allah has written for him, (and he dies) he will get the reward of a martyr" (Sahīh Bukhāri).
Readers may wish to reflect over the fact that the Aids epidemic appears to be precisely such Divine punishment inflicted on those deserving of punishment. Those on the other hand who die of Aids while holding fast to faith in their hearts and who are innocent of transgressions of the flesh, would receive the reward reserved for martyrs.

Epidemics as a Sign of the Last Day

The Prophet also prophesied the occurrence of epidemics as a Sign of the Last Day:
"Count six signs that indicate the approach of the Hour: my death, the conquest of Jerusalem, an epidemic that will afflict you (and cause you to die in great numbers) as the plague that afflicts sheep, the increase of wealth to such an extent that even if one is given one hundred Dinārs, he will not be satisfied; then an affliction which no Arab house will escape . . .” (Sahīh Bukhāri).

This prophecy, when combined with others, clearly indicates that Dajjāl will wage biological warfare in the form of epidemics that would substantially reduce the Arab population in and around Israel. That, in turn, would facilitate his quest to rule the world from Jerusalem.

Finally the Prophet prophesied that “neither Dajjāl (i.e., the false Messiah or Anti-Christ) nor epidemic would enter (the city of) Madina” (Sahīh Bukhāri). It would be a matter of more than passing interest to witness the fulfillment of this prophecy if and when the city of Makkah is stricken by an epidemic. The millions who travel annually to Makkah to perform the pilgrimage (Hajj) to the Temple built by Abraham (‘alaihi al-Salām) will most certainly take an epidemic to Makkah. But most pilgrims also visit Madina. How then can Madina escape epidemics?

Protection from Dajjāl’s Epidemics

Readers would surely consider it important to find out what steps they can resort to for protection from Dajjāl’s biological warfare in the form of epidemics.
The Qur’ān has declared of itself that it possesses the capacity to heal (Qur’ān, al-Isra, 17:82). This writer assumes that ‘capacity to heal’ includes ‘protection from illness’. The Prophet advised Muslims to recite the first ten verses of the Chapter of the Cave (Sūrah al-Kahf) of the blessed Qur’ān for protection from Dajjāl. In order for such recitation to have the desired effect, however, a believer must first establish such credentials with the Qur’ān as would elicit a positive response. The Qur’ān itself has warned (Qur’ān, al-Furqān, 25:30) of a time when it would be forsaken and neglected. The very first evidence of such neglect would be abandonment of the practice of reciting the Qur’ān (in Arabic) cover-to-cover at least one a month. Even if they were to recite the Qur’ān regularly it would hardly yield the desired result unless believers were to emotionally bond with the blessed Book. It is for this reason that the Book commands that it be recited calmly and with melody and rhythm (Qur’ān, Muzammil, 73:4) (and not at 95 miles an hour during the night-time prayers of Ramadān by professionals who cannot recite other than at that utterly sinful speed).

This essay concludes with the reminder to those who recite the Qur’ān regularly that the recitation of the first ten verses of Sūrah al-Kahf can offer them protection from Swine Flu epidemic and other such epidemics. This information may become crucially important in the months that lie ahead.

Just to add on this: this does not mean we just sit and hope. Allah helps those who help themselves, so inshallah we should make sure we try keep ourselves warm when it gets cold and avoid those areas where we would be at risk. Allah knew why we had to do wudhu, in times like these it may be a saving virtue.

Inshallah we will be protected by the Grace of the Lord of the Worlds from any harm, AMIN.

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tagged :)

Assalamu alaykum

I have been tagged by Sister Fahiima (beautiful name by the way)…to write 10 honest things about me that my blogger readers may not know…so here goes...

1. I was born a Muslim, but really, I am a revert.
I was a wild child, up until I understood the whys and why nots of Islam. Why hijab, why is this the truth, didn’t practice much until I understood.
I knew so much yet so little. I was so far from Islam so I sort of took my shahada again.

2. I carry a pen and notebook everywhere so that when things get muddled up in my head, I can clear it out. Usually when angry almost tearing the paper with the pen...ahh the stress release.

3. My dad doesn’t know I’m married. Better marriage than living in haraam I say. But the situation is complicated and will fill him in slowly…yeah, sorry for dropping that bomb on everyone…

4. I cannot speak Somali, my native tongue, very embarrassed about it, and get roaring laughter everytime I try because of how broken it is apparently. Well I laugh at Somali’s broken English everytime so I guess I deserve it. Still, it’s the funniest thing. Kostometic – cosmetic, barafum – perfume…

5. My dream is living as a Bedouin somewhere in the outskirts of Medina…Life would be so much easier.

6. I can tell I will be a control-freak mother… no TV, no Music, no nothing. Tough!

7. My husband makes me fat. With his big appetite, I’m struggling to secure some food before it disappears. Lol. Just kidding, but he does eat a lot.

8. I want a baby…SO MUCH. But I guess I have to break the news to my dad first…oh the hurdles!

9. I was born in the wrong era. Seriously, even 100 years back won’t be too bad. I feel like an old woman watching this world change before my eyes into something sick and disfigured.

10. I had cramps that felt like childbirth. I couldn’t get out of bed. I was screaming, sweating, shivering, and once passed out in pain. Any sisters having similar pains, I found the answer…its called Solpadeim. :)

So for this Honest Scrap tag, I would like to tag these sisters and brothers to know them a little better Inshallah:

And I pass the Awesome Award to 2 bloggers. Sorry, its a tie, I just couldn't decide. Ayan at Beyoutiful Hijabi and Jamaican Muslimah because I learn so much from the posts from both of these talented Muslimahs. Inshallah may Allah reward you for sharing them. Amin

Marwa Sheribini, The Hijabi Martyr

Marwa al-Sherbini, a 32-year-old Egyptian who was about four months pregnant and wore the hijab, had pressed charges against her neighbour, Alex W, an immigrant from Russia of German heritage. He had harassed her, calling her a terrorist and was set to testify against him when he stabbed her 18 times inside a courtroom in front of her 3-year-old son on July 1 in Dresden. Al-Sherbini’s husband came to her aid and was also stabbed by the assailant and shot in the leg by a security guard who mistook him for the attacker, German prosecutors said. He is now in critical condition in a German hospital, according to al-Sherbini's brother.

She was stabbed 18 times, not in some dark alley. Not in some dangerous neighbourhood. In the bright lights of a courtroom, where we would assume there were armed police. Yes, this happened. But who reported it? What did he use to stab? Shouldn't he been checked under police custody? 18 times? Isn't once quick enough to stop him? 18 times??

The murderer had previously been fined for calling her a "terrorist" for wearing the Islamic hijab or headscarf, and was in court to appeal against his conviction.

Marwa Sherbini is a martyr.

This is the Europe we live in. This is an extreme example of European Islamophobia, especially because of the initially muted reaction to the crime in Germany and the rest of the world.
On Tuesday, German government spokesman Thomas Steg defended the reaction, saying Germany had "not been silent", and that early details about the case had not been sufficiently clear for a "spontaneous reaction".

Right. Can you imagine if it was in Egypt that a German woman was stabbed for not wearing hijab. Just imagine for a second the kind of reporting that would ensue. This again reminds us that what we consider news is incidents that follow one agenda and one conclusion. Anything that happens that doesn’t follow this agenda is simply ignored.

"We are thinking of naming one of the city's streets after her," said Dresden’s immigration officer Marita Schieferdecker-Adolph. I would be laughing if the situation wasn’t so sad. Naming a street doesn’t change prejudice, and the whole underlying problems that brought the lady to court in the first place.

Mashallah, she is not dead. She is a Martyr, she is in Jannah INSHALLAH.

It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “He who is wounded in the Cause of Allah will come on the Day of Judgment with his wound bleeding. The color (of its discharge) will be the color of blood, (but) its smell will be the smell of musk. ‏” (Agreed upon hadith )

Jihad includes standing up for Islam. She opposed the sick stereotype imposed on Muslims today. “Terrorist”. She wore hijab with dignity and pride in following what Allah prescribed for us. Surely, she is a Mujaheed.

The Noble Qur'an 2:216 Jihâd (fighting/struggling in Allâh's Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allâh knows but you do not know.
3:142] Do you expect to enter Paradise without GOD distinguishing those among you who strive, and without distinguishing those who are steadfast?

Do not think that those who are killed in the cause of GOD are dead; they are alive at their Lord, enjoying His provisions.
They are rejoicing in GOD's grace, and they have good news for their comrades who did not die with them, that they have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.
They have good news of GOD's blessings and grace, and that GOD never fails to reward the believers.
For those who respond to GOD and the messenger, despite the persecution they suffer, and maintain their good works, and lead a righteous life, a great reward.
When the people say to them, "People have mobilized against you; you should fear them," this only strengthens their faith, and they say, "GOD suffices us; He is the best Protector."



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Waswas and split personalties part1

I cannot write to advise and remind others and myself of sticking to aspects of the Deen without addressing the fact that we have shaytans within us.
The Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam said: “There is none among you with whom is not an attache from amongst the Jinn.” They, the Companions said: “Allah’s Apostle, with you too?” Thereupon he said: “Yes, but Allah helps me against him and he does not command me but for his own good. (Sahih Muslim 6757)

At the same time,
For each (person), there are angels in succession, before and behind him.[] They guard him by the Command of Allâh. Verily! Allâh will not change the good condition of a people as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves (by committing sins and by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allâh). But when Allâh wills a people's punishment, there can be no turning back of it, and they will find besides Him no protector. Quran(13:11)
So even as we feel the battle within ourselves, we should know that it is not a force of shaytan present, but also a force of good.

Iman is a fluctuating thing. It could be filling to the brim but, not always. And may Allah Ta’alah ease the hardships and temptations for us. Amin. It is difficult, but the path to Jannah has to be.

Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere
Quran (2:155)

So there are 2 types of people in the world…no inbetweens, no grey areas. Those that will lead you to Jannah and those that will lead you to Hell. So this pushing away the bad influences may be one way to survive this dunya as a perservering muslimah. Inshallah! I’ve noticed with myself that once you divide the people around you into these two, and avoid the latter, things get abit easier. It is tough saying so and so will lead me to hell, but it will be for the greater good, Inshallah.

Ok, so no one is perfect, Allah made us weak…only angels will ever perfectly, tirelessly devote every minute without one sin.

The Prophet said, "When Allah ordains something on the Heaven the angels beat with their wings in obedience to His Statement which sounds like that of a chain dragged over a rock. His Statement: 'Until when the fear is banished from their hearts, the Angels say, 'What was it that your Lord said?' They reply, 'He has said the Truth. And He is the Most High, The Great.' " (34.23)
Sahih Bukhari 3:573, Narrated Abu Huraira

This simply means the whispering of Shaytan. I had to write on this because its something I battle with a lot. I try to be a perfectionist but when it comes to wudhu for example, I wonder have I washed this thrice or, did I miss that rakkat, is this halaal, is that permissible. I guess it is another extreme.
A psychologist would say this is OCD, Obsessive Complusive Disorder. However it does not explain why it occurs when I’m doing something connected to Islam. If it was OCD, it would plague me throughout my daily activities. Clearly, Shaytan does not bother me with the doubt-filled whisperings when I’m doing anything else.

Ya Allah,

I am weak, for You made me weak,
Out of mud, I am moulded easily
I can be red-hot, burnt in the kiln
I can be ice-cold, frozen and numb
I can be spineless, squelching under trodding shoes
I can be hard, yet easily broken

So with this weakness,
I beg for strength

Strength to cool the heat and heat the cool
Strength to harden before trodden on and soften with humility.


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Judaism leads to Dajjal

Dajjal: the false messiah; المسيح الدّجّال‎, literally "The Impostor Messiah". He will appear pretending to be Masih (or the Messiah) at a time in the future, before Yawm al-Qiyamah (Judgment Day)

To whom will he be pretending to?
The Muslims and Christians both know the Messiah came in the form of Isa alayhi salam. They both understand that an evil being will appear before Isa alayhi salam comes to lead the world back to Dar-ul-Islam (in the case of the Muslims, the Christians believe of Jesus alayhi salam having his kingdom on earth). Jesus alayhi salam will come to fight the Antichrist, thus both Muslims and Christians would expect the antichrist first. Who is he coming for?

It is no doubt many will fall for the temptations of Dajjal, even Muslims and those thinking they have enough iman will be won over. The Prophet Peace and blessings be upon him said, "Those who hear about the Dajjal should stay far from him. By Allah! A person will approach him thinking him to be a believer, but on seeing his amazing feats he will become his follower." (Imran-b-Hussain / Abu Daud). But it is clear who will be the main followers.

Dajjal will be a Jew and his followers will be mainly of Jewish religion.

Narrated by Anas ibn Malik (radiAllahu anhu) Allah's Apostle (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said,
The Dajjal would be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls.
[Sahih Muslim #7034]

Another indication is that they are actually waiting for him.

The Jews had the same truth that Muslims have. But over the centuries, the Word has been altered to fulfil their own desires concerning riba, used by one tribe to attack another tribe within themselves but the message of the coming of Isa alayhi salam is still intact.

“I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah. How long it takes, I will await His coming everyday.” –from Judaism’s Principles of Faith as stated by Rambam, Principle 12 of Maimonides' 13 Principles of Faith

Their ‘mashiach’ is the one who will be anointed as king in the Latter Days. He will be the very real king of a very real Torah government in the Land of Israel. And we Muslims can see a scary picture forming here.

The establishment of Judaism rejected Isa alayhi salam and to this day despise his mention. They rejected the true Messiah. So they are waiting, and Allah will send Dajjal and they will be extremely mistaken and celebrate the appearance of this False Messiah.

From their 'Torah':

The mashiach will be a great political leader descended by a pure male line from King David (Jeremiah 23,5). The mashiach is often referred to as "mashiach ben David" (The Mashiach, son of David). He will be well-versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments (Isaiah 11,2-5). He will be a charismatic leader, inspiring others to follow his example. He will be a great military figure who will win battles for Israel, freeing the Jews of foreign domination and establishing a Torah-based kingdom in Israel. He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions (Jeremiah 33,15)

Before the time of the mashiach, there will be war and great suffering (Ezekiel 38,16). Then the mashiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing all Jews outside Israel back to Israel (already happened, thanks to the efforts of Gog and Magog, and again this proves we are living in the Dajjalic era) , and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11,11-12; Jeremiah 23,8; 30,3; Hosea 3,4-5). He will establish a Torah government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and Gentiles (Isaiah 2,2-4; 11,10; 42,1). He will rebuild the Temple (currently where Al Aqsa stands today, explaining why they are drilling underground to destabilise it) and reestablish its worship (Jeremiah 33,18). He will restore the religious court system of Israel, if it had not already been reestablished before him, and establish the Torah as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33,15).

Just a look at the 'Temple works'

They want to welcome Dajjal with his temple. There is an obsession with the Holy Land by a people who claim to be secular. This was previously mentioned in the Gog and Magog piece. They are the right hands of Dajjal, preparing the world for his return. Call them Zionist, freemasons, they are Gog and Magog. They have a united goal in respect to the Holy Land and the breakdown of society. Already we see religion attacked, investments in education reducing, injustice in the world driven by a hatred of Muslims and Arabs in particular. Once we understand Gog and Magog, we understand that Jerusalem is key in welcoming the AntiChrist.


They rejected Isa alayhi salam because they did not believe his miraculous birth, they were scared of the miracles he performed by the Grace of Allah. Believing him would have meant, the rabbis lost control. The rabbis would have to accept that they were unlawfully dealing with usury and they would have to forfeit their high ranks. They were placed higher than the Law of Allah.

They have taken their rabbis and their monks as lords beside Allah and [they take as a lord] Al-Maseeh, `Eesaa, the son of Maryam, yet they were not commanded but to worship One God: None has the right to be worshipped but He - Praise and Glory to Him: [Far is He] from having the partners they associate [withHim]" (Qur'an 9:31)

The establishment were too proud and arrogant and sought an end to Isa alayhi salam. After the whole attempted crucifixion they were convinced he was not the Messiah. The Messiah would rule the world and Isa alayhi salam did not. “That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah”—but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not—nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.”” (Qur’an, 4:157-158, Yusuf Ali)

So the next appearance will not be on Isa alayhi salam, because they rejected him. The next appearance is of Dajjal, their ‘true’ Messiah. Their own descriptions are of Dajjal. Subhannallah may we be protected from this great fitna. Amin.

The stage is set for Dajjal, we are drawing closer to a one world government undoubtedly controlled by the wealth accumulation of the Jews. The banks have been bailed out, the Federal Reserve might call back its debt to crush the US economy, and the world will be ready for a new ‘superpower’. One of the few countries actually unfazed by the economic meltdown is Israel...and like the Suez Crisis that led to US domination politically, we await what would bring Israel forth in this manner.

It is said that “Israel has remained a relative island in a global economic meltdown”. This cannot have any other major reason as investments and money flooding in in addition to a great underlying agenda.

"'Abdullah Ibn 'Omar said, The Prophet stood up to address the people. He praised Allah as He deserved to be praised, then he spoke about the Dajjal: 'I warn you against him; there is no Prophet who has not warned his people against him, even Noah warned his people against him. But I will tell you something which no other Prophet has told his people. You must know that the Dajjal is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed.'"


We can spend today reflecting on the fast pace at which we are racing to Qiyamah, our own personal Judgements and the End of this world. Inshallah to ward off this great test, may Allah give us the greatest perseverence throughout and inshallah have Suratul Kahf at the tips of our tongues.

Amin. Have a blessed Jumuah!