Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Never underestimate the plot

It’s been an eventful month, this May. The news has been going haywire on the brink of explosion. For the first time in decades the British media has sunk its teeth into the government, the whole government. I believe the media is the long waving hand of the government waving it close to our faces distracting us from whatever is really going on. So the slap this hand gave to it’s own face was puzzling. When something like this happens be sure there’s something major being covered up. I’m not making this up or imagining anything. It seems the insatiable appetite for action drama and comedy spills out onto the news. There’s never good news or simply no news. Some new angle is thrown here and there. There was the shocker and panic galore of swine flu which is still creeping up somewhere near you. Every so often is the headline that a new batch of patients have been infected entrenching the image of a pandemic soon to crash in our minds. Then there was the MPs expenses. And the UK’s excuse for our very own Obomber twirls onto our screens condemning the Parliamentarians and rising out of all the furore without a tarnish on his own record. It is David Cameron, the saint of Parliament, must be the only one not caught guzzling the public’s dosh.

The media has really jumped right in attacking the government. It just didn’t sit right with me, didn’t make sense. Continually for a week or two now, the lavish expenses of the representatives of the ‘common man’ have been found out. It has taken the country by storm. While the majority are struggling in this failing economy, bearing the burden of the elite’s theft of money leaving the economy derelict. The public is understandably furious. I’m still puzzled.
Then I began wondering whether Gordon Brown was a George Bush defunct scapegoat that will sink and make way for a new ray of light that would lead UK into a stronger spare part for the new world order. Gordon Brown must be terribly stupid not to grovel for the public’s favour like his supposed nemesis, but maybe that was the path he would take the rise and fall of the government of the day and for the rise of one that would restore the public’s confidence and crush it once again.

But this wasn’t hitting the spot, this explanation. I knew there was something big happening behind the scenes and then I hear that another Bilderberg conference is happening at about right the same time!!!!!!!! Honestly these mischevious devils! It is a crime in the US for a media outlet to mention they were happening. In the UK, not many people know or care.

Like the g20, the Bilderberg conference is a meeting of current leaders discussing the fate of the world. Unlike g20, this one is private, privately guarded, includes not only past and present leaders but their influences, the banking cartels, the whole lot of mobsters. This year it was held in May 14-17th in Athens. The guardian, the one spearheading furiously the campaign exposing the Ministers and MPs had a writer of theirs Charlie Skelton who jokingly asked to cover a story on it. On his arrival in Athens, his curiosity resulted in imprisonment on two occasions for the offence of lurking around the hotel where the thieves were meeting. His joking demeanour quickly ended when he realised how serious this agenda was. He watched the limousines with blacked out windows pulling up into the hotel and said that he saw how seriously they were taking it which means that we too should be taking this seriously. No matter what this is dismissed as, call it a conspiracy theory…the real conspiracy is not asking questions. It can’t be dismissed.

Last year before Obomber became President, we can see that he was groomed and pre-picked for the job because in the last Bilderberg Conference last year, he attended. The absurd secrecy of this event can be seen in the way Obomber dodged the media. With the throng of reporters following this false messiah before the elections, he arranged with them interview on his private plane. They got in and the plane took off without him while he scuttled away in his motorcade to the secret meeting leaving the dumbfounded press miles up in the sky.

Considering the growing awareness of what is happening in the world, the blatant theft by the banks and the families that own them, the increasingly transparent false flag attempts, the intensified oppression going on across the globe, the spread of Islam, the pre-packaged swine flu, the hoarding of organic seeds shows a plan of anticipation of a big change in the world in the next few years…this years Bilderberg must be brimming with these hyenas waiting to pounce at the next opportunity for drawing the curtain and revealing a new financial model.

This model I can only speculate. The horrifying talk of chipping populations, card exclusive banking, an electronic currency, the BIS as our global central bank, points systems….who knows. What I know is that even though the crashing of the financial system is occurring systematically not all at once…it will all fall down eventually, and when it does then we will see…The bailouts, the deficits that have to be paid back the bankers will slowly show their true colors and purpose when the power shifts to Israel, when the money already trickling in will ensure the kingdom of Dajjal a formidable one in the world of tomorrow.

Not to be caught out singling out one people for swindling the just so happens that the elite...the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the panel on the Fed Reserve and Bank of England which control every single central bank that our governments rely on are strangely related. I won't say Jews because they are a disservice to that, they are more specifically the Khazar tribe. I must say we're in this mess because of usury, we're now enslaved and the guy pictured right there on his way to the Bilderberg conference is the rarely photographed Bernanke Chairman of the Fed Reserve must be laughing all the way to his Khazar owned bank.

This world of tomorrow is one that those in charge want to consist of a greatly lesser number of the population. Almost every aspect of the quality of our lives has been decreased. Just think about it…

Is it so hard to believe that maybe politics is just a ruse? That our fraudulent money system is one built on debt and the debtor countries are under the thumb of those printing the money and are controlled by them? That our polititians are chosen for us to choose between. That they (shock horror!) don’t want the best for us? That money has blinded them into the ruthlessness we see in the unjustified oppression those countries partake in? That war is intended for their purposes? That the media, our ‘entertainment’ is a distraction leading to lives in this matrix created for us manipulating our emotions with music and movies directing our intellect into trance like existences with a warped sense of reality so that we can be herded like sheep?
Maybe we can’t fight it on a large scale, maybe it’s the destiny of the world, but to preserve our humanity we need to extract ourselves in some level or another from the grips of their control. From buying into the lifestyle of excess consumerism, to planting your own nutrition, to thinking twice before you buy into the deception in this world and see reality for what it really is.

We Muslims can see that these people have been identified by the Quran as Gog and Magog.
There is also a Hadīth al-Qudsi recorded in Sahīh Muslim in
which Allah Himself describes Gog and Magog as His ‘Ibād (i.e.
servants or slaves):
“I have created servants of mine (i.e. Gog and Magog) so powerful that
none but I can wage war on them.”

(Sahīh Muslim)

‘Ya’jūj’ and ‘Ma’jūj’ are names used in the blessed Qur’ān
for Gog and Magog. Dr Tammam Adi, the Qur’ān semanticist, has
pointed out that they are two word-forms from the Arabic root
“hamza jeem jeem” that grammatically denote the active tense
(ya’jūj) and passive tense (ma’jūj). This could indicate their
characterization as a double-faced people with conduct that ‘ebbs
and flows’. They ‘attack’ and ‘occupy’ (Ya’jūj) and then feign
‘withdrawal’ (Ma’jūj). They commit ‘aggression’ (Ya’jūj) and then
pose as ‘peacemakers’ or as ‘victims of aggression’ (Ma’jūj). They
‘violate’ (Ya’jūj) and then ‘pacify’ (Ma’jūj). They pose as
‘religious people’ (Ya’jūj) when in fact they are devoid of faith and
essentially ‘godless’ (Ma’jūj).
The Qur’ān itself has very significantly commenced with a
warning of precisely such double-faced people:
“And when they are told, ‘Do not commit Fasād on Earth,’ they answer,
‘We are but peacemakers!’ Oh, verily, it is they, they who are committing
Fasād, but they perceive it not.”

(Qur’ān, al-Baqarah, 2:11-12)

This is absolutely amazing because the Quran a 1400 year old book tells of the rulers and schemers of today. In that verse we can explain false flag events, and the reactions to be a solution to these false flag threats.

David Icke brilliantly points this out in this Problem Reaction solution.

Because the system is so entrenched we can’t destroy it or the people of Gog and Magog who are paving the way for the Dajjal to come and rule the most tyrannical reign of all time before Imam Mahdi and Jesus peace be upon him by the grace of Allah can come and fight this injustice.
May Allah protect us from the fasad (intense corruption) of this world and be in the state of pleasing Him till the day we die. Amin.


Jamaican Hijabi said...

Wow, thats a lot to ponder Sis.
May Allah Subhana wa ta'ala protect us from the punishment of the grave, the torment of the fire, the trials of life and death and the trials of the dajaal, AMEEN.

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

Salaam alaykum,
Amin, Inshallah we will be saved from the fitna.

Jamaican Hijabi said...

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,