Friday, 22 May 2009

the light was sent from above

I read something a couple of days ago that Abdullah Yusuf Ali may Allah be pleased with him wrote about the joy of reading the Quran. He said that when studying the Quran, with “an inward joy difficult to describe” upon learning that the “general meaning of the Quran also enlarges as his own capacity for understanding increases. It is like a traveller climbing a mountain; the higher he goes, the farther he sees. The meaning we had grasped expands” and “opens our spiritual eyes”. “New words are opened out”, “the miracle deepens and deepens and almost completely absorbs us”. It is the perfect description of the miracle of the Quran that the subliminal meaning in turn has layers of deeper and deeper understanding.

I’m still learning Arabic and can understand but not fluently, I yearn for the day I can just pick up a mashaf and read like I would do English. But amazingly, the miracle can be seen in a lesser level with the English translation of the Quran, still the meaning is utterly beautiful .

There is a deeply spiritual way that you can find yourself immersed whilst reading and reflecting in the meaning of this Book. Abdullah Yusuf Ali called it the “mulk of Sulaiman”. The kingdom of Sulaiman was of the unknown, of that transcended different life forms and dimensions of life. He says of the mulk “which the evil ones denied, belied and even turned into blasphemy. But we can ignore blasphemy, ridicule and contempt for we are in the threshold of Realities and a little perfume from the garden” of the Almighty “has already gladdened our nostrils.”

He underwent the enormous task of translating the meaning of the Quran brilliantly during his lifetime and said as words of advise for us to read, study and digest. To “read slowly and let it sink into your heart and soul.”

What a miracle this Book is, untainted, protected by the All-Knowing Himself.

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