Tuesday, 19 May 2009

End of a chapter

Assalamu alaykum,

I haven’t been online much thanks to my finals, and now the last exam is finally over, I’m just more than elated! The real world beckons with an ominous background dash of DRUM ROLL…uncertainty. It's just surreal.

I always rant about exams…really they do not correctly ascertain whether someone will be a good lawyer for example. During all my exams, what sticks out is the things I just read as I was panting down the hallway with my can of red bull. It’s the art of cramming isn’t it. With all the hate I have for exams, I’m still yet to think of a substitute for it…man do I hate it!

But AlhamdulIllah they’re over and I’m not planning on seeing the insides of an exam room in a loooong while. In the three years of university what I learnt was mostly things about life, little to do with the books.


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