Thursday, 26 March 2009


Seriously, people need to stop living in the bubble, burst it or it will be burst too late for the end. The meaning of life is not in the tabloids, gossip girl ain't your friend, any form of time wastage is deliberately being put infront of you...if youre a woman, your womanhood must be in competition with all the thousands of images you have to conform to. If youre a man, woe to you! You're weak sexual nature is not spared the daily pornography..all this is to keep you busy. The perverse pleasure seeking and pre occupation with the fickle in this world are designed to veil you from the REAL WORLD, unfolding right now as you spend another day listening to all the countless advertisements being programmed to do what a slave, work work...and when you get the money, spend spend spend back into the master's pocket.

Wake up or you'll be crushed in your sleep.

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