Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Opinions, opinions opinions....and the Gay 'Muslim' community

The picture here is of ”Imam” Daayiee Abdullah, and he is trumpeted by his colleagues at the Al-Fatiha Foundation as being the world’s only openly gay Muslim scholar.

Man has something he was blessed with by Allah that other creations don’t have. That is logic and reasoning. It makes them somewhat stubborn, sometimes disobedient, always questioning. It is a blessing not a curse because it allows us to understand, and thus act in a way that we have reasoned to be good.

Some religions and beliefs contradict reasoning, that’s why the preacher’s favourite word is faith. Have faith! They say...just stop thinking about it and believe it! Because man can abandon the logic and rely on faith. Belief in the unknown.

Today we have reached a point in history where man does not believe anything without evidence. Where man holds his opinions in high esteem. Its a world where its all about ME and WHAT I THINK. Like children hobbling for the teacher’s attention.

Islam can be overpowering to some because it is a comprehensive guide. And we do have shaytans around us unseen and seen telling us to do disobey, it’s human nature to be imperfect. Sometimes people say it is our natures to be wild, like the animals to do as we shall, no matter the consequence, to follow our urges. That only leads to chaos. Allah has given every man a personal monitor, a conscience and a guide. There is a reason for everything. Islam does not proclaim dogmas, which are incompatible with reason or science.

It civilised the barbaric Arab tribes that used to bury their daughters, that used to kill without reason, that practiced slavery in its worst form. And in the twenty three years after the inception of Muhammad salalahu alayhi wasalam’s message the whole of the Arabian peninsula of bedouins was converted from disbeliefto devoted and faithful Muslims which brought about a moral, intellectual and spiritual awakening among them.

As Muslims, do we have opinions outside the logic Islam gives us, should we have these opinions?

Logically, one thinks differently when they can prove something wrong. As a Muslim you have pledged that this is your Deen. It affects your thoughts and the views of the world. But we're not stupid, if Islam went against our logic, we wouldn't be Muslims.

Sometimes opinions still reign even after logic decides otherwise.

This world has decieved us about so many things. It makes halal what we are told is haram and unfortunately many muslims would label another as extremist if we believe what Islam told us to believe. Not only Islam, but logic. I’m talking for example about gay marriages. Islam says homosexuality is a sexual perversion. It is wrong and disrupts the order of nature. Biology would attest to the same. But I guess the test we humans face is our desires. Because we don’t have religion as a point of reference in this general culture, we have transgressed far by relying on another logic. One that is based on whims and why nots. It’s their right, they’re entitled to it.

Once you’re a muslim, shouldn’t you only stick to the Quran and Hadith? What’s the point if you’ll oppose some of it and accept another part of it?

I was watching a documentary on Gay Muslims in UK. There was a man who prays five times a day, does everything Islamic, believes in it all but is gay. It’s a tad confusing for me. I’m an outsider and don’t know what he’s going through, but you’d expect him to put Islam aside instead of joining the two. I guess life is more complicated than that. But if this country was sharia he would be dead. Maybe he wouldn’t commit sodomy if he knew he would be executed. Maybe he needs help. Would he want help?

I asked a gay friend I used to know if there was a cure, would you take it? He was silent for a long time. It was his identity. He had built his whole world round this idea and conviction. He wouldn’t. There are psychologists who have turned people straight, permanently.

Almost all the gay friends I’ve come to know along the way have been sexually abused and embrace that act instead of rejecting it and that removes any feeling of victimisation. It becomes their choice, their identity. Never endingly fighting the ghost of the abuse. It halts natural emotional development, taking sex out of reproduction. And because they live in societies that view it not as a problem but as a lifestyle, their psychological issues continue to persist. It's a life in limbo for many.

Islam is submission to Allah. There is no partial the end it is the Almighty that will judge but He pointed to us in all previous holy Books and in the Quran that it is a crime. How does one openly flaunt being gay and a religion that will execute you if you followed it rightly all in one??

Where I am from originally, gayness used to be almost non existent. The men did not even think it an option and it was not there. In recent years with globalisation and westernisation of this African country, it is now an option and a considerably higher number of gays are present.
Historically, homosexuality has been documented. It did exist but the difference between back then and now is that it is becoming fashionable, not abhored as previously but now accepted and almost encouraged in some situations.

Here is a link to Henry Makow Phd.'s interesting articles who pointed out the attack on heterosexuality and the influence of extensive homosexuality in our society today.


Ayan said...

SubhanAllah sis we are at the end of time!

A Muslim can NEVER be a homosexual (or any of the other sexual orientation except heterosexual). Being a "Muslim" and being "Gay" is an oxymoron, it just can't happen if one is truely following the Quran and Sunnah (with the understanding and early salaf).

May Allah (swt) protect us from such people who seek to confuse people in what is forbidden in Islam.

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

Can you imagine in 50 years, where Islam will be if today there is a gay islamic scholar!

It seems there are many who are misleading others. This is what happens when we want to fit in, we lose who we are.

Shukran for the comment sis.

Ayan said...

I truly fear for the future (except when Jesus (as) returns and establish Islam on earth).

It's amazing to see that 50 years ago homosexuality (within this very society) was considered a medical disease. If anything society is going backwards in custom, since Lut (as) people were the first to commit this sin!

You're so right, you either keep steadfast on what is true or you assimilate to the point you loose yourself.

Afwan sis, just keep up spreading the truth! :)

Lisa said...

One cannot be be gay and be Muslim. They are incompatible. I speak from personal experience as someone who has a husband who experimented with that world.

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

Lisa, I agree with you. People seem to be in denial or trying to bend the religion to fit in with their desires.

So does your husband agree that its a choice gays make?

Shukran for the comment.