Monday, 3 August 2009

Entering the Gates of Jannah

The angel Jibra’il (Gabriel) (AS) told the Messenger of Allah (SAW) the following incident about a man in the past who has worshiped Allah (SWT) continuously for 500 years. He was granted a shelter on top of a mountain that was surrounded by salty water. However, Allah (SWT) caused a stream of sweet water to flow through the mountain for that individual. The man would drink from this water and use it to make ablution. Allah (SWT) also raised a pomegranate tree from which the man would eat one fruit every day.One day, this person supplicated to Allah (SWT) that,

“Oh Allah, bring my death while I am in the state of prostration.”

Allah (SWT) accepted this du’a of his. Whenever Jibra’il (AS) came down to the Earth, he found this man prostrating to Allah (SWT). Jibrail (AS) said that on the Day of Judgment, Allah (SWT) will tell the angels to take this individual to Paradise through His Mercy. However, this man will insist that he should enter paradise through the good deeds that he had performed.Then, Allah (SWT) will tell the angels to compare his good deeds with the blessings that were given to him in the world. It will be seen that 500 years of his worship does not even equal to the gift of eye sight that was given to him (and all of humanity, for that sake) by Allah.

The angels will be asked to take him towards the hell-fire. Then the man will plead, “Oh Allah! Enter me into Paradise only through Your Mercy.”

At that point, the following discussion will take place between Allah (SWT) and that man.

Allah: Oh my servant, who created you?

The worshipper: Oh Allah, You have created me.

Allah: Were you created because of the good deeds you have done or because of My mercy?

The worshiper: Because of Your mercy.

Allah: Who granted you the ability to worship for 500 years?

The worshiper: Oh the Almighty! You have granted me that ability.

Allah: Who placed you on the mountain surrounded by the ocean? Who caused a stream of sweet water to flow in between the salty water? Who caused a pomegranate tree to grow for you? Who granted you death while in the state of prostration?

The worshiper: Oh the Sustainer of the Worlds! You have done all of these.

Then Allah (SWT) will say, “All these have happened due to My Mercy and you too will enter Paradise only through My Mercy.”

Inshallah, we must strive for this Mercy in the month coming up, Ramadhan.

Hope to have lots more posts during Ramadhan inshallah.


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

MashaAllah what a beautiful post. It goes along with some of the questions I had on my own blog too.

Our good deeds are important as worship to our creator, but the very fact that we exist and have the ability to worship is something that could never be repaid.

Just that thought alone shows that we could never earn either the favor or mercy of God, it is through our worship, but also because of his goodness that we even stand a chance.

JazakAllah khayr for this one, its really got me thinking the right way.

May we all reach Jannah and enjoy the presence of our Creator who continually has mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

Inshallah, we must strive for this Mercy in the month coming up, Ramadhan.

hope is an important thing.

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

Allahukaber!What a magnificicent piece of post you have posted.It really brought tears of love and gratitude to my eyes.

Even if people of All Times gather to count thier creator's blessings for million years without a blink,they will fail terribly.

Every drop that drops from the sky is a blessing,every leaf that comes on the tree is a blessing,every grain that they eat is a blessing...counting the blessing using thier senses(eye,ear,hand,tongue,skin) is itself another blessing....
Indeed All praise and glory is to the most beneficient and most merciful.

Anonymous said...

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