Thursday, 16 July 2009

tagged :)

Assalamu alaykum

I have been tagged by Sister Fahiima (beautiful name by the way)…to write 10 honest things about me that my blogger readers may not know…so here goes...

1. I was born a Muslim, but really, I am a revert.
I was a wild child, up until I understood the whys and why nots of Islam. Why hijab, why is this the truth, didn’t practice much until I understood.
I knew so much yet so little. I was so far from Islam so I sort of took my shahada again.

2. I carry a pen and notebook everywhere so that when things get muddled up in my head, I can clear it out. Usually when angry almost tearing the paper with the pen...ahh the stress release.

3. My dad doesn’t know I’m married. Better marriage than living in haraam I say. But the situation is complicated and will fill him in slowly…yeah, sorry for dropping that bomb on everyone…

4. I cannot speak Somali, my native tongue, very embarrassed about it, and get roaring laughter everytime I try because of how broken it is apparently. Well I laugh at Somali’s broken English everytime so I guess I deserve it. Still, it’s the funniest thing. Kostometic – cosmetic, barafum – perfume…

5. My dream is living as a Bedouin somewhere in the outskirts of Medina…Life would be so much easier.

6. I can tell I will be a control-freak mother… no TV, no Music, no nothing. Tough!

7. My husband makes me fat. With his big appetite, I’m struggling to secure some food before it disappears. Lol. Just kidding, but he does eat a lot.

8. I want a baby…SO MUCH. But I guess I have to break the news to my dad first…oh the hurdles!

9. I was born in the wrong era. Seriously, even 100 years back won’t be too bad. I feel like an old woman watching this world change before my eyes into something sick and disfigured.

10. I had cramps that felt like childbirth. I couldn’t get out of bed. I was screaming, sweating, shivering, and once passed out in pain. Any sisters having similar pains, I found the answer…its called Solpadeim. :)

So for this Honest Scrap tag, I would like to tag these sisters and brothers to know them a little better Inshallah:

And I pass the Awesome Award to 2 bloggers. Sorry, its a tie, I just couldn't decide. Ayan at Beyoutiful Hijabi and Jamaican Muslimah because I learn so much from the posts from both of these talented Muslimahs. Inshallah may Allah reward you for sharing them. Amin


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I can teach you Somali. Since I'm white it would be less threatening for you I suppose. I have taught a few of my Somali friends how to read Somali. My friend Fatima always makes fun of me b/c I understand the old reer waqooyi people better than she does.
I would also love to be a bedouin or live as a nomad with my camels. The simple and precarious life of just surviving day to day.
My husband always makes fun of me for reading books about bedouins and camels. I am just enamored with that lifestyle for some reason.
I hope you're able to tell your dad about your marriage soon. That must be really hard. I have known other couples who did the same thing because their family didn't support the marriage because of qabiil, etc. You're a strong person though, I'm sure you'll figure out a way to tell the family.

Ayan said...

Awww thank you sis! :)

I also like writing as a form to relieve stress or anger. I'm surprised you're married without your father knowing about it. InshAllah I wish you all the luck when you do tell him.

ModestJustice said...

Asalamu Alaikum sister,
I hear you with the somali thing!
I too barely know somali! D:
I understand it well, but I'm like a pre-schooler when responding back.
LOL bolice=police

And insha'Allah you're father will be very accepting once you you tell him your married! :D

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

Salaams, you're blessed with learning such a hard language. I need all the help I can get.
Desert life would be amazing.
Inshallah, I have told him about the guy. Yes, the main reason is qabiil. He's a Polish revert mashallah and my dad doesn't want to hear anything about him. He'll have to accept it inshallah.
Thanks for the support!

Ayan, yeah, I did it without him knowing. He would go mad, inshallah will do a small ceremony back home in Kenya for my dad. He's slowly accepting it...but very slowly.

Shukran ModestJustice!


Jamaican Hijabi said...

Assalamu alaykum dear Sis,

I'm sorry for reading this soooooo late. JazakAllah Khayr for the award, MashaAllah ! I must admit I have been a little distracted from my blog these past few days but I will definitely fill you in soon on whats been happening InshaAllah, and I will also respond to your tag soon InshaAllah :)

Jamaican Hijabi said...

May Allah reward you also Sis, Ameen!

Anonymous said...

rofl. got married without father knowing?
better than marrying the wrong person/at the wrong time.

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

Wa alaykum salaam Jamaican hijabi, you're very welcome. Inshallah amin.